Our project will focus on conserving data relevant to the experience of migration and being a Pole in the UK.
Following the 2004 EU enlargement the UK saw a new wave of Polish migrants. Estimates suggest that their numbers reach ca 1 million. This big influx of Polish migration is new sociological and cultural process in the UK. It drew attention from media, but unfortunately predominantly in negative way, presenting new migrants as cheap, unskilled labour force which may be an threat to the British economy; the everyday experiences or identities of individuals were hardly considered or documented. Our project will focus on presenting polish heritage and culture; how the new communities are being formed.

Another aspect of our heritage is the long history of polish migration to the UK; we would like to present this aspect, showing long tradition and contribution Poles made to the British society. Especially, the history and role of this group was up till now intentionally concealed – in Poland by the communist regime, in the UK – due to the policies of Cold War. Our aim is to retrieve the knowledge about this heritage and to present it to the general public, as well as to put it into a wider context of Polish migrations to the UK.

Thus, the project's overall purpose is to retrieve this diverse and hidden heritage and to promote knowledge of the Polish contribution to the British society and history. We also hope to emphasize the common experience of being a Polish migrant in the UK, as well as to bring the old and the new migrants together by creating a space to share their personal histories both with each other and with the British society. We want to present this diverse heritage to a wider public, strengthening integration by offering a learning opportunity for whole communities.

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