Polish Expats Association based in Birmingham, converts multicultural society in Great Britain by strengthening, the existing Polish community here. We promote the integration of Poles into British society, while at the same encouraging them to maintain their own identity, culture and heritage. We want each person to feel like a full-fledged citizen and fully enjoyed his or her rights. One of the objectives of the association is to promote Polish culture and heritage. That is why we have organized a whole range of cultural events, including exhibitions, artist's exchanges, and one-night events. Our team consists of a group of creative people who feel the need to fill the gap that exists in Birmingham in the field of supporting and promoting Polish community and culture.

Project management:

Alicja Kaczmarek - project coordinator
is the founder and director of the Polish Expats Association; she also works as a CBT therapist in the Mental Health Service. She has a degree in sociology and social work from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and is currently completing a MA in Social Policy at the University of Birmingham. In Poland Alicja worked as social worker, moved to the UK in 2004, since she has continued professional development in the field of health and social care. Alicja is dedicated to community development and social action.

Karolina Kościuch - development worker
born in 1983 in Torun is PEA's Treasurer and Development Worker. She holds a Masters degree in Economics Sciences and is currently studying Management Sciences, PhD. In Poland she was working for Torun Symphony Orchestra and with a group of friends established Copernicus Foundation in Torun (Fundacja Kopernikanska). Karolina came to Birmingham in July 2010 to join her partner. She loves dance (class B in ballroom and latin dances), classical and jazz music, hiking and Sudoku.

Creative Team:

Roma Piotrowska - texts author
(born in 1984 in Gdynia, Poland) is a PEA's art programme coordinator, freelance curator and art critic based in Birmingham, UK. She completed a Masters Degree in Art History at Gdansk University in 2008 and spent three years working with Wyspa Institute of Art, in the former Gdansk Shipyard, as an Assistant Curator and Curator on a variety of projects. Within her curatorial practice she has developed interests in cultural, political, social, architectural and institutional specificity. In edition Piotrowska has authored several articles concerning art practice and lifestyle in newspapers, magazines and exhibition catalogues. Currently she studies MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice on Birmingham City University.

Julia Skupny - graphic/web designer, video editor [www.juliaskupny.com]
Born in 1982 in Gdynia, Poland. Came to England in 2008. With a Master's degree in Fine Art Julia wields both her camera and her mouse with equal artistry and precision. Her interests are concentrated although not limited to Art. She also does: furniture renovation, refurbishment, sewing. She is a good cook and exemplary house wife and has been working as a freelance multimedia designer in London with several commercial and individual clients. Her still and moving images have been exhibited across Europe to great acclaim.

Zygmunt Korytkowski  - photographer
(born in 1978 in Augustów, Poland) after graduation from Adam Mickiewicz University with an MA in Cultural Studies he moved to the UK. Since then he has started travelling extensively to remote, unexplored areas of Central Asia. His fascination for forgotten places combined with a strong desire to understand indigenous societies has developed into an interest in photography. It is through this medium that Zygmunt endeavours to capture these disappearing civilisations. 

Richard Short - photographer
Richards studied Documentary Photography at Cleveland College of Art and a MA in Visual Communications at UCE Birmingham. He stills continues his long term photography projects while working full time in the Arts. He has exhibited his work in the UK and the USA.


Amanda Radomska
born in 1988 in Przemyśl, Poland, moved to Birmingham in July 2008 after finishing Secondary School in Poland.   Following her arrival she undertook a course at Solihull College.  At present Amanda is a full time Mum to one year old daughter. In her free time Amanda develops her passion for photography. She plans to study a National Diploma Photography in the future.

Filip Mich
Born in 1991 in Zamość, Poland. In 2007 Filip moved with his mother and brother to Birmingham. Currently he is studying Media Audio & Visual. His hobbies are playing the guitar and video games.

Gosia Weber 
moved to England after finishing her Masters in in cultural studies in 2005, and started up her bag business. Gosia is a fabric junkie and can get a little too excited about the prospect of a new order of leather! Gosia is the bag maker and designer. Her talent, skills and enthusiasm are faultless.

Izabela Zimrowicz
born in 1996 in Rzeszów, Poland. Came to England with her family in 2006. She is a year 9  student at Secondary School. She is about to take her GCSE exams. She also plays the flute and would love to play in an international orchestra one day. She loves reading and talking about the Beatles.

Jakub Kobzdej 
Jakub is 23 year old, his day job is carpet fitter. Juakub is interested in film, computers and travelling.

Justyna Bogumił
(born in 1987 in Warsaw) came to the UK in 2008. She studied journalism in Poland. At the moment she is full time mum. In her free time Justyna reads books and takes photographs.

Łucja Markowska
(born in 1985) came to England in 2009 to undertake an  Art and Design course at Birmingham City University. Łucja was trained in Poland as an advertising specialist, but she always wanted to use her creativity to get involved with more important issues. She tries to explore the process of memorizing and passing of time, building installations using knitted fabrics. Łucja loves her two black cats (which live in Poland and she misses them a lot), Terry Pratchett’s books and baking.

Mat Kawczyński
Born in 1989 in Warsaw.  He moved to England in January 2011. In September he starts a photography course at  Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

Monika Anna Mularczyk
Born in 1989 in Poland. She is a first year student of illustration at Birmingham  Institute of Art and Design. She has been occupied with arts for the last 12 years.

Tymoteusz Jóźwiak
Born in 1985 in Poland.  He moved to the UK from Torun in December 2005. He has recently graduated from the Conservatoire in Birmingham. Tymek is a drummer, he also teaches percussion.
His hobbies are reading and sports.

Wojciech Stefański
Born in 1987 in Konin (Poland). He studied Political Science and Ethnology in Poland, and moved to Birmingham in 2009. Currently Wojciech works as an Assembly Operator. He loves music, Air Soft Gun (ASG), Role Playing Games (RPG), hiking, history, politics and contemporary literature.

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